Custom Data

Last updated 6 months ago

One of the great features of Moltin is the ability to extend existing core resources and the flexibility to create your own. With Flows, you are able to create various types of fields, including strings, booleans, dates, integers and relationships with other custom flows.

The Moltin API aims to provide predictable, easy to use, RESTful endpoints that can power any ecommerce project. With Flows, you are able to apply Moltin to almost any use case.

Extending resources

The most common usage of the Flows API is to extend existing resources like products, customers and orders. These are called core Flows and are handled by Moltin differently to non-core Flows - see: Custom Data in the API Reference for details and the full list of core Flows.

If you wish to store extra fields per product, such as manufactured_date for customers or a string field to store a colour hexadecimal for the product for use on the UI, you'll want to extend the products resource.

Click the links below to view examples of how to use Flows to extend resources.

New resources

With the power of Flows, you can create new resources to power product reviews, wishlists, blog articles, staff profile pages, and many more.

Click the links below to view examples of how to use non-core (custom) Flows to create new resources.